“100 Years : The Building of The Palace of the Pontian Hellenism of Sourmena” Panel Discussion

Join us for EMBCA’s “100 Years : The Building of The Palace of the Pontian Hellenism of Sourmena” Panel Discussion on Sunday, February 20, 2022 at 2 P.M. EST/ 9 P.M. Athens EEST. The event will be in Association with AHEPA’s National Hellenic Cultural Commission. The panel will be moderated by Lou Katsos EMBCA’s President and AHEPA’s National Hellenic Cultural Commission Chairman. The distinguished panel will include Rhode Island State Senator Lou Raptakis, Hellenic Mayor of the Municipality of Helliniko- Argyroupoli Giannis Konstantatos; Architect Sotiris Tsoulos, TTZ Group Partner; Architect/Lecturer/Artist John Fotiadis; and Educator/ Community Leader in Hellenic Genocide Issues, Peter Stavrianidis, PHD. The panel will discuss the aspiring plan to build the Palace of the World Pontian Hellenism of Sourmena whose aspiration is to become the hub of world Pontic Hellenism. It will be built in an area where in 1922 Pontian and Thracian refugees from the Hellenic Genocide began to rebuild their lives from practically nothing. The panel will discuss the historical background of the Hellenic Genocide that led 100 years later to the plan to build this monument in an area 100 years ago called Hasani where the communities of Komnenos and Elliniko were created and which became the site of the old Athenian airport now the site of the Hellenikon project. The architectural conceptual design was created by the Doxiadis Associates office, Giannis Pazianos, with architect Sotiri Tsoulos on a non-profit basis. It is anticipated the construction costs for this forward thinking masterpiece will be taken up by Spyros Latsis who responded to a request by the Municipality of Helliniko- Argyroupolis.