“In Search of James Williams: From African American Slave to Philhellenic Hero“ Panel Discussion

Join us for EMBCA’s “In Search of James Williams: From African American Slave to Philhellenic Hero “ Webinar Panel Discussion on Sunday, June 25, 2023 at 2 P.M. EST/ 9 P.M. Athens EEST, and in Association with The American Legion Post GC 01 in Athens. The panel will be Introduced and moderated by Lou Katsos EMBCA’s President. The distinguished panel will include Dr. Constantine G. Hatzidimitriou Adjunct Assit. Professor at St. Johns' University and City University of New York; Founder of the Philhellenism Museum in Athens Constantine Velentzas; Author/Poet Nicholas Alexiou, Professor of Sociology and Director of the Hellenic American Project at Queens College, and EMBCA Director; Author Kostas Rethimniotakis; Argos Biologist/ Educator Maria Stathoyianni; Archaeology Ph. D. Candidate Demetrios Ath. Kousoulas; and Journalist Julia Harte. EMBCA along with the Hellenic American Project at Queens has over the last few years with others has been discussing James Williams through various lectures both in the U.S. and Greece including with the African American community. However due to the more recent interest in James Williams including fictional accounts and imagined images have generated in many cases confusion about him ,both in traditional media and social media, it was felt that that there was a need for another panel discussion to discuss what is known about him (and not) was in order. We hope this conversation contributes to a wave of expanded “primary” research in this regard.

This panel discussion follows EMBCA’s “Revolution of 1821 : American Philhellenes Holy Burial Ground in Ayios Ioannis in Argos, Greece” Webinar Panel Discussion March 27, 2022 (click here). In July 2021 Lou Katsos EMBCA’s President (also representing The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and AHEPA's Hellenic Cultural Commission as its Chairman), with EMBCA Directors Konstantine Drougos and Eric Hill (also representing Florida's Plato Academy Charter Schools) made what was called a “Pilgrimage to Philhellenic Revolution of 1821 Holy Burial Ground in Argos, Greece.“ . The trip to Ayios Ioannis Church in Argos, Greece was to commemorate and speak about Americans George Jarvis & James Williams who fought in the Hellenic Revolution and are buried (James Williams possibly) in the Ayios Ioannis/ St. John Church’s grounds in Argos . It was one of the most important events relating to the 200 th Anniversary of Hellenic Revolution of 1821 in Greece last year. This Argos news video (click here) was taken during that visit. When visiting it was discovered that it was not known where the American Philhellenes were buried in the Church’s courtyard, nor others and EMBCA’s had announced subsequently a plan to conduct a Ground Penetrating Survey of the Ayios Ioannis grounds, after approval from Greece’s Archeological Agency, to find the locations of those buried there. Argos in the Peloponnese, Greece is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and the oldest in Europe.

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