“Nostos and Citizenship for Hellenic Adoptees” Webinar Panel Discussion

Join us for EMBCA’s “Nostos and Citizenship for Hellenic Adoptees” Webinar Panel Discussion on Sunday, February 25, 2024 at 2 P.M. EST/ 9 P.M. Athens EEST. The event will be introduced and moderated by Lou Katsos, EMBCA's President /Founder. The distinguished panel will include Author/ Professor Gonda Van Steen the Koraes Chair in the Centre for Hellenic Studies and the Department of Classics at King's College; AHEPA Supreme Vice President Chris Kaitson; Journalist and Editor at Shipping & Finance Petros Diplas; Magazine and TV Journalist Katerina Bakogianni; and Author Dr. Mary Cardaras Director of The Demos Center in Athens.

If you can please sign the petition ( https://chng.it/zYBQD4K8jf ) for Nostos for Greek Born Adoptees. At present there are over 20,000 signatures and we are looking to get about 30,000 and beyond if possible.

In the Hellenic diaspora, Nostos manifests as a dual pull – the gravitational force of the adopted land and the magnetic allure of the ancestral home. The tension between assimilation and the preservation of one's cultural heritage creates a profound sense of displacement. Navigating this duality, individuals in the diaspora grapple with questions of belonging and authenticity. Nowhere is this feeling more profound than among Hellenic adoptees (about 4,000) who were “ripped at the root” from their nation of birth Hellas in the years after WW2 and sent to live with strangers in the U.S. and Western Europe.

Within the Greek diaspora for the Hellenic adoptees , the concept of Nostos takes on a distinct hue as many individuals yearn not only for a return to their ancestral homeland but also for a formal reconnection through Greek citizenship. This dual longing encapsulates a complex interplay of identity, cultural ties, and the desire for legal recognition.

For those adoptees in the Greek diaspora, the yearning for Greek citizenship becomes a tangible manifestation of their connection to Greece. It represents a bridge between the adopted land and the ancestral roots, forging a legal and symbolic link to a shared heritage. This aspiration embodies a profound sense of belonging, a quest to participate fully in the cultural and civic life of Greece.

The pursuit of Greek citizenship within the diaspora is often intertwined with a deeper exploration of identity. It reflects not just a legal status but a commitment to preserving and perpetuating Greek culture, language, and traditions across generations. For many Hellenes in the diaspora the process of obtaining Hellenic citizenship, even though it is guaranteed within the Hellenic Constitution since its adoption, it has been and can be daunting, complex, and very time consuming and has been “very problematic “ or impossible for Hellenic adoptees for a number of reasons. Join us as we explore the problems around citizenship for Hellenic adoptees and solutions to a historical and shameful travesty.

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