Pilgrimage to Philhellenic Revolution of 1821 Holy Burial Ground in Argos, Greece

If you are in Greece on July 27 join us at 12 P.M. in Argos to visit the Ayios Ioannis Church burial site and commemorate and speak on Americans George Jarvis & James Williams, and other philhellenes who are buried there and who fought and died during the Hellenic Revolution of 1821 so that as Lord Byron wrote in his famous poem The Isles of Greece "...that Greece might still be free.". George Jarvis was the first American to join Greece’s fight for freedom. Wearing the foustanella and known as "Captain Zervas/Zervos" he reached the rank of Lt. General I the war. James Williams, was an African-American slave from Baltimore, who fought in the Barbary Wars as a U.S. Navy Marine and later under Lord Cochran’s Hellenic Navy fleet, fought at Nafpaktos, and other areas.

Lou Katsos the President of EMBCA and others on that day will be representing EMBCA (East Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance), The Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, AHEPA's Hellenic Cultural Commission and Florida's Plato Academy Charter Schools. Lunch will follow the ceremonies.

The painting of James Williams is by Hellenic artist Christos Pallantzas based on descriptions by Hellenic Revolution American philhellenic heroes as well as American abolitionists Samuel Gridley Howe and Johnathon Miller, from their journals.