ARTICLE: EMBCA Presents Doing Business in Greece Webinar

Greek Flag (Photo by Eurokinissi/Yorgos Kontarinis)

NEW YORK – EMBCA’s (Eastern Mediterranean Business Culture Alliance) Doing Business in Greece Panel Discussion Webinar takes place on Sunday, January 10, 2 PM EST (11 AM PST/ 9 PM Athens EEST). The distinguished panel, in formation, will include Managing Director of AXIA Ventures Antonios Achilleoudis, Co-Chair of EarthFund Global Alysia Helming, Chief Executive Officer of Enterprise Greece George Filiopoulos, and Michael Politopoulos- President Cymer Chemicals Inc., and Macedonia Thrace Brewery.

EMBCA Founder and President Lou Katsos said, “As we head towards a post-COVID world doing business in Greece has become easier today than a decade ago when the economic crisis began. More state services have come online, investment incentives are kicking in, and reforms are boosting the labor market.”

He continued, “Hellenic regulations have been cut significantly and continuing in that direction, with costs and taxes slashed and procedures streamlined, making starting a business faster, simpler, and less costly to set up.”

“Reflecting palpable confidence in news out of Greece, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has picked up for the third year in a row,” Katsos pointed out, adding that “furthermore, the government has outlined a non-domiciled regime and lump-sum taxation for individuals residing, for tax purposes, outside of Greece for the last seven out of eight years, that is applicable under certain conditions.”

“The Hellenic Republic has also ushered in a new reduced tax bracket for personal income applicable as of January 1, 2020 and new legislation is being proposed that will offer low tax rates for EU retirees and hopefully soon U.S. retirees,” he noted.

“The benefits of doing business in Greece include its high quality logistics and communications infrastructure; its highly educated, skilled and talented workforce; a strong entrepreneurial tradition; and relatively lower cost of labor,” Katsos said, noting that “in addition but not finally Hellas is a very desirable location to live and work with easy access from around the globe, has a high standard of living, with an important Diaspora and a great brand name.”

“As we head towards the 200th Anniversary of Hellenic Independence it is the hope that this panel discussion with experts and successful business people in the field will help demystify the process of ‘Doing Business in Greece’ as the Hellenic Republic heads to potentially becoming a regional and Global Hub for Doing Business,” Katsos said.


Source: The National Herald